My wonderful friends, I may be a bit sporadic the next while on WordPress, as summer has caught me up with family, trips and a big journey coming up in August.  I also am having a bit of trouble with my pc.

I will be working on my Tales of the Tuatha.  Niamh’s journey is coming to an end soon and I’m chasing my muse at the moment as she didn’t show up at tea time. She must be down by the cove!!  Meantime,

There is a field behind your eyelids,

just as you drift off to sleep,

all that you have seen and remember from your wandering is there

shining and full of  fragrance.



The Rapture, 3rd class

a short story with a bit of irreverent silliness. As the saying goes it seems when others see a light in the tunnel I see an oncoming train.

Inspired by Leanne Cole’s photo “up in the air


This wasn’t how she had planned it. She tried to feel exalted  but it was very difficult. She had always envisioned being in a meadow bathed in golden light, with a flight of doves, an angelic choir, a divine hand appearing through the swirl of clouds like Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, reaching toward hers.

Instead, unceremoniously, in the middle of a dingy alleyway, in the heart of the sinful city, she was suddenly lifted from the hot brick paving stones.  She was drawn upward slowly in fits and starts, her little toes pointing toward the earth, her arms open and her head dangling backward in surprise.

She knew she wasn’t one of the most saintly members of the congregation, but she wasn’t the worst either. She just plain wasn’t ready for this! Her shoes had fallen off and what was even worse was that she suddenly remembered how her mother, who had a  fear of embarrassing moments, always told her to be prepared in case of a rapture, to not only dress appropriately but also make sure her underwear was clean and without holes.

Another walk in the parkland

After a whirlwind week!! a little respite at last and to all my blogger friends I will try to catch back up with you all! I missed Monochrome Madness this week but it’s a brilliant collection again.

Here is the Japanese Garden, with a peaceful pagoda standing across the stream from a west coast Douglas Fir.  I forgot I had my fader filter on and got an interesting effect though slightly nebulous (hand held at shutter speed 1/4). The late afternoon sun revealed it’s starry nature in the reflective zen dream of the little pool.

Japanese garden

and another Hydrangea folded into the shadows.  (I confess I am ever so slightly  jealous of you lens toting macro maniacs!!  but I love you all!!) :)

Hydrangea light

and a rather fierce Heronasaur: “Don’t mess with me!”

don't mess with me2


and one Monochrome – a layered composite I was inspired to do after a visit to Cathedral Grove up island. Some might know that the word Eucharist comes from the Greek Evkaristia =Thanksgiving. The brilliant Laura Macky will know!!

Cathedral Grove2

Forest Eucharist

Who, being loved, is poor? – Oscar Wilde

A little piece of the day!!  A small wedding big in love!  Nothing was catered but brought and made by friends and relatives.  (I made the punch and it was great!)

I am not a wedding or events photographer but a little photoshop magic and here are a few offerings.  My sister and friends said please don’t publish the awful pics I took of them, but, on my word, a good time was had by all!!  Until I got home and found one of the kids had flushed an ice cream bar stick down the toilet and now it’s Sunday and must call a plumber!  Still have guests lingering, past 3 days and Poor Richard’s Almanac notwithstanding.   ( look it up!!) :D Love them of course!!!



Monochrome Madness with Leanne and Laura

Just a quick message to all my WordPress friends, I’m off work but I have a very busy week with a huge celebration (a marriage) coming up, with relatives and friends etc.  I may not be online a lot but will try to pop in and catch up with all.

We will be out boating and having fun, shopping, and partying and  drinking wine (or Guinness) and catching up with old friends.  Hopefully I will get some good photos too.

Please visit Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness episode 20!!  There are wonderful submissions to be discovered!!!

My submission was my “summer memory” path from a previous post


Under a marmalade moon

we go walking you and I.

 heads up in a field of stars!!

but we must wait till the mother moon sleeps 

To meet the 7 sisters 

only 440 light years down the Orion road

Oh!  and where did we park the car!!?

Hoping to get out there for some star shots at some point.

Astronomy Bites (and bits)

You ask me where is the Andromeda galaxy and I point – just turn left at Cassiopeia. She is  the Queen whose vain boasts unleashed a curse from the gods and as a sacrifice, her  daughter Andromeda is chained against the sky waiting forever to appease a sea monster from below.

Now go left cautiously!!  But never fear! Perseus is rising up from the north, his sword drawn, coming to the rescue. In August he showers the sky with the arrows of his wrath as the Perseid meteor shower.

The moon will not be outshone and so when she holds court, all the other heavenly courtiers must  bow and wear less glowing finery.

The faint light of the Andromeda Galaxy or M31 can be seen with binoculars on a dark night, and sometimes with the naked eye. In the moon’s light our sister galaxy is not visible, but when she is seen, she hangs like a curl of angel’s hair on, as Shakespeare called it, “the cheek of night.”

 Venus like the moon dances in shadow light.  Bottom center in her quarter phase

venus phase

quarter phase of Venus

this is what andromeda galaxy looks like through a medium size telescope  (image by Ted Van)

and from Hubble-

Something Scary

To think, she is a sister galaxy but beware!  Like ancient rival mythological sisters or warring angels she may be out to annihilate us, as she is on a collision course with our own galaxy.  Apolcalypse, like the battle for the heavens  is coming,  but not for a few billion years yet. :)


Background: ( astronomy)

our solar system is located on the Orion arm of the milky way galaxy. Many of the stars we see are  in that area.  The Perseus arm is a major arm of the galaxy and located there is a beautiful nebula called The crab nebula. It is the spectral remnants of a super nova whose cosmic explosion was witnessed and recorded by the Chinese  in the 11th century CE. It was like a sun in the night sky.  The star actually exploded  previously but the light of that explosion only reached us 6000 years later. That’s the distance it is from us!!  Can you imagine!! That’s why I love astronomy!! It boggles the mind.

Our galaxy is part of a group of galaxies called the local neighbourhood :D. When we see the andromeda galaxy we are looking at what she was 2.54 million light years ago.

Walking in View Royal

I had a little fun here with the Nik Analog filter that gives photos a vintage look or  an old plate photograph touch.


Fort Rodd Lighthouse across the cove

I live near the water and I’m close to many regional park lands.  The mountains in the distance are The Olympic Range on the American side, across the Juan de Fuca Strait.

The westcoast of the island is spectacular. View Royal is a more rural area but well connected to the town of Victoria.  My brother ( 50 something) and his friends just finished walking the famous, grueling and beautiful West Coast Trail for the last 6 days, through rain forest, torrential mud (the trail when it rains), and over mountain, raging river and chasm carrying 30-40 lb. back packs and watching for bear and cougar.  He saw three people airlifted out by medivac.  No, I’m not in the least bit interested!!  I prefer to be home at tea time and at bedtime.  I’m off to Scotland and Ireland at the end of August!!


The road to the point

Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library has provided a wonderful story inspired by “the road to the point” entitled Apocalypse at Tea Time

old house

An old house on the Cove


gallopping goosebikesepia

Riding the Goose – to Sooke Regional Park from View Royal ( Galloping Goose Trail)