Monochrome Madness 2-4

 Monochrome Madness on Machrie Moor-which could also be Monochrome Moor? :)

This week we were challenged to represent the letters MM in our submission

Please visit Leanne Cole’s weekly Monochrome Madness on her wonderful blog


I added a few stars and a slight topaz glow to this infrared image.

And here are a few glimpses of beautiful and mysterious places on my travels

One Four Challenge Review

Robyn from the beautiful blog  Captivate Me has declared April to be a review of all our edits in the One Four Challenge so far. Do visit her blog for links to everyone’s great images and processes. I missed December’s challenge but here are the ones I did submit. Thanks to all for voting and for the responses to the stories that were told in each challenge.

November 2014 – Craigflower Farm and a transcendental concert there ( under Tales)

January 2015-  Memories of a Button Hook Child ( under old fashioned children’s stories)

and voted most creepy! :)

February 2015 – Meg’s Pearls ( A Canticle for Meg)

March 2015- Tales of the Caravanserai

Cee’s Black and White Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bathrooms and Outhouses

not so beautiful or ethereal but great fun and a chuckle!

Bathrooms to cry for- toilet paper!!

Bring your own

the throne

 The throne at Bunratty Castle – County Clare, the seat is always cold

old  toiletborder

you might break an ankle on the stairs leading up

underground toilet in the underground city of Seattle where I visited once with Robin.  I did see some in  similar condition while travelling abroad  that should have been buried.

my bathroomlight

Still no toilet paper- but seashells and a toothbrush

(don’t forget to put tp on the shopping list)

( my bathroom blues)

Fresh (as rain drops)

I’m going with the The Daily Post theme of Fresh today.

Living on the soggy west coast I might as well appeciate the freshness of rain on a Magnolia tree and our island saying of “if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes!”

magnolia fresh1

 and on the lawn,  raindrops have turned dandelion puffs  into  glittering fibre optic lamp posts as the sun shines briefly through the clouds

chandelier lamp puff

and after the rain a  bumble bee smells the fragrance of freshly washed- and hanging to dry- wild roses   (this was last’s post’s Monochrome Madness submission- for you Sarah Potter as per request!) – To see it in monochrome

morning fresco

rain drops and wildroses

In all of these I used a colour filter and on the wildrose I used a PS  fresco filter to enhance. The first two were taken with an 18-55 lens (Canon Rebel EOS t4i) and the third was a pocket Kodak EasyShare!

Monochrome Madness 2-3

Springtime in Monochrome and my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness

I took this image with a little pocket Kodak Easy -Share and was quite pleased at the time with the result. It seems to render itself nicely in monochrome with the light and shadow of an early morning. I added a fresco filter  from PS and blended it.

Best seen full size on attachment page

Bumble hugger

Bumble hugger

The bee seemed so lost in besotted delight on his pollen gathering mission.  I remember drunken bumble bees in the garden at the end of summer so I thought of this wonderful old song

“You are in my blood like holy wine

you taste so bitter and so sweet

Oh I could drink a case of you darling

and I would still be on my feet,”- Joni Mitchell

One Four Challenge Week 4

Robyn Gosby’s  (Captivate Me)  One Four Challenge- the final, week is upon us and a poll for the favourite. Which do you prefer!?


… I further heard in the days before his death that he was overheard asking all  traders and wayfarers  if any in their travels had come across a woman of surpassing beauty who bore the mark of a flaming rose on her thigh, -

 but the answer had long been lost in the  seductive dance of an oasis mirage  and in the  mournful wail of  the dunes as they are created and destroyed by the desert winds.  

In those last days he was seen standing ever watchful on his palace walls, his eyes searching the shifting shapes of the landscape, until the day folded silently into the dark and hungry cloak of the desert night. ……….from Tales of the Caravanserai


Process: I think this edit speaks for itself, all I used was a sand texture overlay I had, a light filter and a few brush strokes.

monochrome extra

monochrome extra

Cee Neuner’s Black and White challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Music – People, instruments, sheet music, audio devices

My younger brother, among many other things was a musician, so these well worn drumsticks hold a special place at my house in a little shrine with the Buddha and Ganesh.  He was both a free and yet fragile spirit who loved his horses,-and the drums, to the beat of which he lived and traveled, spending time in the far east.  The Buddha and  a happy Ganesh went everywhere with him. Om mane padme hum.

drumsticks and Ganesh

“Though fire be mixed with my dust yet care I not, for now all is well with me”

penny whistle

My Penny (Tin) whistle

 “Oh Come ye back when summer’s in the meadow”

drummer sketch2

“We miss you so”

(I played in Topaz Sketch Effect with this older photo -“On the Kit”)

Dedicated to my brother, and to songs and rhythms past that still play in our hearts

Thank you Cee Neuner for the challenge, and for reminding me of the music