Samhain, sorcery and the visual alchemist at work

Hallow’s Eve is coming ( scary ghost sounds)!!  I am still trying to catch up with home, work, and WordPress and  I don’t yet have any spooky images at the ready ( who me!!- queen of Goth!) but do visit Ed Mooney and his wonderful Bram Stoker Posts.  I know others will post on the Halloween theme as well.  I saw Laura Macky‘s spooky house and Leanne Cole‘s full moon on the ever more wonderful Monochrome Madness!!

I’ve been resting beside the road less traveled this last while gathering my thoughts that have scattered like Niamh’s dreams.   I hope my friends haven’t forgotten my Tales of the Tuatha!! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since another wonderful visit to Ireland and Scotland. Now I’m  back home dealing with the challenges of daily life and a distracted and mood disorderly  mind that can’t organize the bills at the moment.  Things will settle and the muse is stiring!!  I promise I will have something soon!! I’ve been working on a few things as I am able.

So please don’t abandon me yet dear readers.

(and thanks to those who asked when I’m going to publish the next chapter here!!)

 the last two chapters 29 & 30 of Tales of the Tuatha

Niamh tries to get my attention!

Niamh tries to get my attention!

From the

Lake of the will o the wisps

Lake of the will o the wisps

 somewhere close to Tir-na-nog

I am starting to make my own brushes for photoshop in order to do a few fantasy type art photos. It’s a process and I’m experimenting more with effects in this genre.